About Rajesh Thakkar's Karate Academy

Kyoshi Sensei Rajesh L. Thakkar (Born 14.07.1959), 7th Dan, chief Instructor and president of the Rajesh Thakkar's Karate Academy - Goju Ryu, is a person for whom it can be said that Karate-Do is his life and has given his every thing: time, money, knowledge & everything, for the benefit and upliftment of karate-Do, not only in India, but also the whole Martial Arts world. He has been an outstanding student himself under the lineage of Shihan Sensei Parvez Mistry, the father of Karate-Do in Modern India.

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  • Karate training adds a new dimension to the concept of the master-student relationship – what we in India call guruchela aspect, where the student’s admiration and respect bordering on reverence, leads him to emulate the qualities and performance of the master, imposing a great burden of responsibility on the master.
    Palash jain
  • The workshop is really good. Got to learn great techniques basic yet very effective ones. The workshop will definitely help me out. It was a great experience great bunch of trainers. I would personally want all women to get this exposure which will help them.
    Steffi Johnson
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